Executive Lunch

Media Libra de Carne + 2 Acompañantes


Menú de la casa

Full Salad Bar + Todas las Carnes


Menú Full Plus

Full Salad Bar + Todas las Carnes
· Ribeye
· Queso Grana Padano
·Crema de Langosta



Churrasco flank, Picana Top Sirloin , Garlic Picana, Pork Ribs baby back , Brazilian Sausage, Pork lion


Jasmine rice, Black beans, Lettuce and Tomatoes salad, Pasta salad or Couscous, Mashed potatoes, Cucumber salad, Cabbage and cranberry salad, Corn salad, Potatoes salad


Sopa de Langosta, Crema de queso Grana Pasado


Coke, Diet coke, Pepsi, Sprite & Orange, Cranberry juice, Orange juice, Guarana and Water           



3 Leches, 4 Leches, 3 Leches Chocolate, Caramel o Coco Flan, Creme Brulee, Lava Cake, Passion Fruit Mouse



Special Lunch TO GO!!!                                                             $10.99

½ lb. of grill meat any choices and 2 sides with 1 soda     

Executive Lunch and Dinner                                                    $ 15.99

½ lb. of grill meat any choices and unlimited Salad Bar Buffet (hot and cold).

Porto Alegre TACOS!!!                                                              $9.99

3 soft tacos with any of our grill meat choices with onions, cilantro and our home-made sauce.

From THE GRILL Specials                                                         

½ lb. Any choices of our grill meat                                           $9.99

1 lb. Any choices of our grill meat (not include filet mignon & Ribeye) $15.99

PORTO ALEGRE PICADA!!!                                                          $15.99

1 lb. Of mixed meat on the grill of picana, flat meat, Brazilian sausage and pork loin

TABLAZO PORTO ALEGRE                                                          $29.99

Mix of Lamb chops, picana, Brazilian sausage, churrasco, chicken wrap on bacon and pork loin, serve with our house made sauce and cheese bread.